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In the trial of love, he’s been sentenced to death.

Every solid man is born, When his heart is in eternal rest.

Before sweet-dreams turn into night-mares, Can he have a little humble request?

Retain him as a beautiful poem, for all he said.

Forgive him for his hopeless pledge, as all the regrets.


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If that’s a NO, it builds character.

If that’s a GO, it changes forever.

Now, Cross the fingers. Say the prayers.

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Let the happiness stay, And the sadness fade away.

Sweet dreams we have craved. Wild kisses we have embraced.

Now the journey we both have to face. May  the angel brighten your way.

Until his hair turns grey, this man has 3 vows to make:

“It is the flame of my soul cannot be fixed.

It is the beast on my mind cannot be tamed.

It is the love in my heart cannot be changed."

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很想忘掉你 消失了的你 是不竭的痛苦之泉;

但怕忘了你 腦海中的你 為何如斯美不自勝?

此非夢境 畢竟不會讓人刺痛;

無奈現實 只能叫人迷失其中。

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Needs an ash-tray, to keep himself concentrated.

Until that night, our season finishes her trade.

When Spring stays, Winter truly fades.

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